Sharing real feedback from top VCs that I’ve received over the past 2 years of bootstrapping Saasify.

Don’t worry, this is NOT a sales pitch for my startup. Actually, it’s kind of the opposite.


For many aspiring founders, the prospect of pitching VCs is both exciting and also completely foreign.

How do they think? At what point should I be reaching out? How many investors should I be speaking with? What should I be on the lookout for?

And while bootstrapping my startup over the past two years, I’ve had the unique privilege of meeting with dozens of top-tier VCs.

What you’re actually selling
What you’re actually selling
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This distinction is incredibly important for founders to internalize as they start pitching and selling their product / service / vision to customers / investors / employees. And of course, like any good founder — anyone who will listen 😉

It’s also a mindset that developers turned entrepreneurs have a fundamentally difficult time executing against. I think that’s because we’re so used to focusing on the product, features, and implementation which are all important but won’t serve you very well in terms of actually selling your product and being successful.

So here’s a simple exercise that I’d encourage every…

A breakdown of the best free resources I’ve found for developers bootstrapping their own indie SaaS businesses in 2020. 🔥

Time to get our hands dirty, folks.

I’m a software engineer through and through.

I’m also trying to do the whole indie entrepreneur thing.

And recently I’ve started to really appreciate just how important marketing is to building a real business.

After spending a lot of time leveling up on the marketing & strategy side of things, I wanted to share some of the best resources I’ve found for developers like myself who are also learning to bootstrap, market, and sell their own indie SaaS products.


Epic Guide to Bootstrapping SaaS Startups


I want to talk a little about how you can use content-based addressing (aka data fingerprinting) as a general approach to make your applications faster and more secure with some practical JavaScript examples.

Content-based addressing is an extremely powerful tool for building services that are fundamentally more performant, scalable and secure. 💪

It’s related to immutability, decentralization, data integrity, and more buzzwords…

But it’s also so useful and under-appreciated in general that I wanted to write a practical intro to show how it works alongside some real-world JavaScript.

What are you talking about?

You can think of content-based addressing as fingerprinting for data.

Just like…

Image courtesy of Gerrie van der Walt (Unsplash).

Node.js provides a perfect, dynamic environment to quickly experiment and work with data from the web.

While there are more and more visual scraping products these days (, Spider, Scrapinghub, Apify, Crawly, ……), there will always be a need for the simplicity and flexibility of writing one-off scrapers manually.

This post is intended as a tutorial for writing these types of data extraction scripts in Node.js, including some subtle best practices that I’ve learned from writing dozens of these types of crawlers over the years.

In particular, we’ll be walking through how to create a scraper for GitHub’s list of…

A tutorial on how to build a fluid media gallery in React powered by WebGL.

react-fluid-gallery and live demo

TL;DR Show me the code!

This delightfully playful gallery is perfect for spicing up a user flow between multiple full pages of content. It’s responsive and very simple to use.

The implementation of react-fluid-gallery is broken up into two layers: React and WebGL. The majority of the gallery’s code is agnostic to React, which allows us to easily extend the technique to other UI frameworks like Vue, Angular, or plain HTML+JS.

Play around with the demo & then let’s dive into how it all works!

React Wrapper

Image credit: Pixels

Fun little experiment to try out: go to your browser’s address bar (works best in desktop Chrome) and record your top websites that autocomplete for each of the letters a-z. And if you’re feeling especially brave, share the results with the world… 😈

I chose this image for no other reason than because it showed up in the Unsplash search results for “suspense.” There may or may not be some deeper symbolism discussed later in this article regarding how the polyfill is only halfway faithful much like how this doll has been torn in half, but let’s get back to the subject at hand.

The best way to understand a software concept is to try and build it yourself. — TB

If you love React, you’ve probably heard something about the upcoming Suspense APIs, but even after watching a demo or two, it was pretty difficult for me to lay my finger on how exactly Suspense works.

So I put my computer science cap on and decided to try and recreate it with the current version of React v16.

A few disclaimers before we get started that my fictional legal team wants to get out of the way.

The actual version of Suspense that…

Working with Node.js, I commonly find myself switching between different versions with nvm. Regardless of the version, I maintain a script, where I install a common list of globally useful CLIs.

I wanted to share this list of the best npm install -g CLIs out there so others will hopefully find them useful as well!

Here’s an overview of the list — if any of these look unfamiliar or perk your interest, I’d encourage you to check out their descriptions below. 👀

Get your global npm install on! 🔥🔥🔥

Working with NPM

nvm - Node version manager which allows you to…

Image credit: Autumn road by Patrick Tomasso

The feeling of working on open source is strangely unique and fulfilling. You feel as though you’re contributing to a greater good comprised of a network of brilliant people from all around the world. It’s a sensation that I rarely feel in my general work as a software engineer, and it reminds me of why I got into programming in the first place.

Towards that end, I’d love to share some of the open source projects that I’ve worked on, with the hope that they will inspire someone out there to do the same!

Whether it’s finding a cool project…

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